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Wizardly Web Design

Is your website built for your goals?

Websites designed and built around your businesses needs

Made with love in Naples, Florida

We wail at Web Design

Website Design Experts based in Naples, FL

Your website should be the best possible representation of your brand. This literally can be the thing that makes someone decide to buy from your brand over a competitor. That’s not to mention that 57% of internet users say they simply won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile which we will cover next as we love being an early adaptor of Responsive Web Design far before most agencies you’ll find even have started. Our specialty is that we are great at the creative aesthetic AND we are good at the technical follow-through. 

We’ve worked with all niches almost imaginable across demographics such as:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Automotive Industry
  • Restaurants and Food
  • Fashion and Jewelry
  • Financial
  • Medical and Health
  • Esoteric and Spiritual
  • Art Galleries
  • National Conventions and Conferences
  • Bands, Artists and Creatives
  • Record Labels
  • Management Companies
  • Celebrities & VIP
  • Startups and Launches
Are you showing up for what you do where you do it; looking great while you do it... and giving your customers a good experience? We can help your band with turn key marketing solutions.
This example of the platinum rock band Saliva's website that we built is fully responsive and looks great aceoss all devices: iPhone/Android/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop and even Smart TVs!

Responsive from the Ground up

Make sure your website looks great on all devices

Upwards of 75-80% of our clients traffic is often on Mobile Devices. That means if your website is not loading responsive, in that it properly displays itself no matter what it’s pulled up on… We do this by making sure that we design everything so that it loads properly to be Android and iPhone Friendly, Tablet Friendly, Laptop and Desktop Friendly to even making sure it would look great on a Smart TV. 



Some content is a little trickier to force to be percentage-based to always load to the screen it’s pulled up so we can create device-specific versions of the pages of your website to make sure that everyone sees exactly what they need to. Streamline your online ordering process. Don’t allow customers to get lost – get them churned and added to your email list, to your event or by driving them to make a purchase. It is your website’s job to serve your potential leads with the proper pitch to convert them into customers.


Your website should offer a good experience to your users… If they have to be pinching and scrolling and zooming to just try to even get the images on the screen – we’ve all been there, this is frustrating! Your website should be an extension of the same presentation standard you would hold a brick and mortar or 1-on-1 service provided as such. We here at Solve Design Create aim to help do this effectively and efficiently. 

E-Commerce Experts

Online stores, shopping carts, memberships and more!

So you want to sell online? How about dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing? We love it! We can help you set up a solution to accept credit cards and sell both physical and digital products as well as doing cool things like auto-ship products from distributors, source products, or get started with affiliate marketing such as with Amazon or eBay.


We can help you start building a new online store, optimize or upgrade an existing one, or add new functionality like a booking form, a product customizer, delivery, and automated shipping rate calculations, digital product delivery… to even creating Member restricted websites either via Subscription Systems where users pay to access a website all the way to Membership Sites where we can implement solutions for Group Learning, Courses and Classes, User Interaction and so much more!


The skies truly the limit. What do you wish you could do with selling online? There’s a plugin and a way to make it happen! We love helping clients with our ‘solution sessions’ to find a proper setup and system for your specific situation and business model. 

We can help you create an online store to sell online! What do you dream of building? Let's do it!
We're experts with WordPress, Web Hosting Seting & Security, eCommerce, SEO and building a turn key solutions for brands.

Experience you can count on

Make sure your website looks great on all devices

It’s not just getting people on your site or knowing how to sell them stuff… We’ve also got your back if and when things go wrong with literally having had faced just about any issue you could with your brand. We love fixing hacked sites, recovering content and saving the day when it’s mission-critical for clients.



Our experience ensures that we will keep you roaring and soaring no matter what tech dragons need to be slayed. We even have an emergency support service to make sure you have round the clock hands on deck no matter what may arise such as: Hacked Sites, Search Engine Black-outs, Corrupted Themes or Plugins, something just not working or a site that’s down.



A client joked we’re like a doctor, therapist and coach for your business’s digital, marketing and technology needs. You will be relieved when you have a supercharged solution for your marketing needs and everything in your business has a home.

We can help you with...

Web site design
WordPress web design
WooCommerce stores
Website Security
Website Optimization
Web Hosting
Video Gallery Web Sites
Ticket Sales
Subscriptions & Memberships
Store Locators
SSL Certificates
Squeeze Pages
Social Media Integration
Social Automation
SMS Marketing

Directory Web Design
Custom Web Development
Conditional Logic Forms
Click-Per-Pay Ads
Class Scheduling
Brand Overhauls
Brand or Line Launches
Backups and Migrations
Affiliate Marketing
A/B Testing
1-on-1 Training

Ranking on Google

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

POS Integration


1-on-1 Training

Hacked Site Clean-up

Brand Overhauls

Organic Traffic

SEO Assesments

Market & Niche Research

QR Code Utilization

Quote Generators




RSS Feeds

Forums and Social Networks

Custom Web Development

Mobile Apps

A/B Testing

Backups and Migrations

LMS’s and Selling Courses

Squeeze Pages

Lead Generation

Social Media Integration

Click-Per-Pay Ads

Online Booking

Website Optimization

File Upload Forms

Sales Automations


Ready to get Started? Great so are we!

Let's give your brand web presence

We begin with a Solution Session. During this time we create a MindMap and provide links for a blueprint of your build. We are currently offering a limited-time sale that we will comp your first session if we both decide to move forward on a project.


We only work with brands we believe in, that are legitimate and that are providing a good service/product to their community and niche.

Want to see examples of some of the Websites we have created?

You can view our full portfolio to see more examples

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Changed your Mind?

Not ready to have your mind blown with a custom built website?

Hey, maybe you’re not ready to give your users a great experience and make your competitors sweat… We have been designing web sites under the Solve Design Create LLC moniker since April of 2014 and have been working with these technologies for the majority of our time on the planet. We will be here when you need to work with the best marketing agency headquartered in beautiful Naples, Florida USA.