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Transformative Tech

Looking for an expert tech support solution?

Nerds for hire, we look at your problems with you not for you.

Geeky with love in Naples, Florida

Technology is a Tool

It should empower your brand

Lifelong nerds and geeks have no trouble, almost like its second-nature to just embrace, learn and implement new technologies and services into our lives. I remember in the mid 2000’s when it was absurd to think of streaming video and people were just starting to grasp technology, to fastforward to now where it is becoming no longer an option of whether you’d like to get with the times or not – it has become the standard and most effecient means of doing business.


We help you leverage that technology. Count on our experience and wisdom to be able to quickly and reactively find the proper and best option for your current technology fork in the road. We are here to help your brand empower itself with the tools of the time. 

Reliable Remote Support

Rest assured we can help you out

Having clients all around the map has made it crucial in our business to be able to work with all types of different people and to create effective means of both the technology and know-how but also an educational and real-world application of these tools to create easy and simple processes. We help you do more, better and faster by maximizing your technologies potential. 


Once you book a session a zoom meeting is automatically scheduled during which we will connect with you 1-on-1 in a secure environment and have you recreate your issue to then either walk you through or take control and get this issue resolved. Our tech support exists for one reason – we’re nerds! We’ve always been nerds! Most tech people that truly are passionate about it live it; it’s not just something you play with while you’re at your job. This is a way of life. Trust is our nerdiness to slay your tech dragons.

Full Circle Solution

Using Video Chats we can help even when we can't!

Some of the fondest memories of our tech support sessions were the Rubik’s-cube-solving, in-the-moment issues that arose. For example once a client 1300 miles away had a computer that was mission critical crashing and we needed to walk them through booting in safe mode, repairing the OS and getting their machine back up to be able to keep the show on the road for the project we were working on… It went on to rank #1 for 50 terms and held it’s own for close to a decade. The point is when technology fails and most tech support wouldn’t be able to come through, Solve Design Create finds a way. We utilize FaceTime, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or other video chat programs to be able to help you even when things such as your cable modem or internet being out would otherwise prevent it.

Let us reccomend

What do you want? What do you need?

We all know that technology can help a person or a business save money. If you are looking to make a purchase either personally or for your business you can hire Solve Design Create to help you make the right decision the first time. We will 1-on-1 go over solutions with you and weigh out what makes the most sense for your specific situation. We have experience across fields such as Photography, Videography, Streaming, Computer Building, Home Theater, Security & Cameras, IP and Networking, Voice-Over-IP Telephony, and more.

Ready to get Started? Great so are we!

Let's leverage your technology

Typically we will quote customers an estimate based on past projects of the time that it will take to accomplish their goals. This is sent as an estimate which once ‘accepted’ automatically turns into a payable invoice. The first step is booking a Solution Session to map out our attack strategy for your brand’s specific needs, wants and situation. 


SEO is not one sized fits all… We take a look at what is right for your brand specifically. Some market demographics are flooded with competition; and YES! We still are able to effectively dominate the niches but they do require more effort. Some businesses like local retail, types of restaurants, service providers etc… we can help find awesome new angles and potential streams of traffic that equate to more business, phone calls and money in your pocket.

Want to see examples of some of our Transformative Tech Support Service?

You can view our full portfolio to see more examples

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Hey, maybe you’re not ready to make your competitors sweat… We have been helping brands show up and rank first page of Google for what they do in the places that they do it under the Solve Design Create LLC moniker since April of 2014. We’ve been through all the major google updates and are not dabbling with SEO, we’re experts at it. We will be here when you need to work with the best digital marketing agency headquartered in beautiful Naples, Florida USA.

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