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Why SEO needs content – Gas for the Car

Sometimes clients will ask, “Are blog posts or is creating content really necessary?” and the answer is a resounding YES! If you are not regularly talking about what you do for one your customer cannot keep up with your brand and even more importantly if your competitors are talking about say new things that are coming out in your niche the people that are looking for what you do and it’s related neighboring niches and where you do may not be finding you. Blog posts are a way to coerce, to convince, to flirt with the Search Engines – AND to create valuable content and an opportunity for you to concrete your brand’s identity for your clients. Don’t just be another person posting crap that is spam and worthless hollow content. Help your visitors in some way by offering something that if you were in their shoes you would feel good about. We help our clients create attack strategies regularly where we will map out weeks or months of campaigning related to your releases, new offerings, and more to make sure that customers can find what you are offering and that the community surrounding you is aware that you’re offering it. We’ve joked not marketing yourself is like opening a business and not telling anyone about it. Make sure you are creating valuable content you yourself would want to read and you will already be ahead of the majority of the pack.

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